Facade access for CoxGomyl

Peking, China

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8 m/s

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-30°C to 60°C


CITIC Tower, better known as China Zun, is located in the heart of Beijing's new 30-hectare business district and is the tallest building in Beijing at 528 meters, making it the fifth tallest in China and 9th in the global top ten (Dec. 31, 2019). CITIC Tower is the new landmark of the capital. The concept and design of the CITIC Tower were planned by the architectural firms TFP Farrells and Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. The skyscraper was designed inspired by the shape of a Chinese ritual vessel - the "zun".


CoxGomyl, one of the world's leading specialists in facade access solutions, required a reliable power transmission application suitable for any environmental condition and capable of being installed on a curved track.

Our solution

VAHLE China, a subsidiary of the VAHLE Group, designed and supplied the complete power transmission system. The KSLT 4/140 HS safety conductor system has a travel speed of 8 m/s and is the ideal solution for this particular type of application.

Added value for the customer

The customer benefits from a reliable and safe conductor system with high operating reserves, which is designed for extreme ambient conditions (temperatures well below freezing).