To support the high volume of packages in modern warehouses and dispatch centers, automatic sorting systems are being relied upon to meet the demand. VAHLE supplies reliable and proven power transmission technology for various sorter systems.

Powerful systems for modern sorter systems

Whether in incoming goods, batch picking or tour assembly, in many distribution centers, automated sorter systems now assemble deliveries. Depending on the design, the individual carriers are equipped with crossbelts or tilt trays, which accurately feed and discharge the transported packages.

Due to the strong growth in e-commerce and the resulting flood of packages, sorter systems are also becoming ever larger.Loops several hundred meters long are no longer uncommon and most systems run around the clock. For this reason, many manufacturers rely on wear-free, inductive technology for the power supply of the actuators. Due to the increasing speeds, the systems must be particularly powerful.

VAHLE is one of the leading suppliers for contactless energy supply. Our low-maintenance products are able to provide high voltages and absolute peak power. As a result, they enable fast and continuous system operation for accurate and error-free sorting. Conductive systems can also be found in our range.

Your Vision - Our Solution

VAHLE Challenges


  • Growing travel speeds due to increasing flow of goods
  • Small installation space requires individually adapted systems
  • 24/7 availability does not allow long downtimes
  • Systems require freedom from maintenance for as long as possible

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