VAHLE service trainings


In order to train your maintenance personnel for the professional handling of our products, we offer extensive qualification measures as part of our Advanced Training Program.

In addition to basic training, your team will gain hands-on training with accompanied service assignments and cover theoretical concepts in a classroom-style learning environment. 

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Our services

  • Qualification of external persons for maintenance and repair work on all product groups
  • Basic training, which includes theoretical study and a practical test
  • Advanced training, which includes an examination to become a foreman and supervised hands-on experience
  • Application training, which includes advanced skills for self-maintenance

Our training modules

  • VAHLE Icon Basic Training

    Basic Training

    • Basic information about the product
    • Technical know-how in handling the product
    • Theoretical and practical final test
  • VAHLE Icon Advanced Training

    Advanced Training

    • Refreshing the knowledge from the basic training course
    • Recognition, evaluation and elimination of wear phenomena
    • Examination for foreman: Qualification for plant acceptance and troubleshooting
  • VAHLE Icon Application Training

    Application Training

    • Refreshing the knowledge from the Advanced Training
    • Imparting of application-specific technical knowledge
    • Highest qualification level for self-maintenance

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