Powercom 485

With the aim of making the flow of materials as efficient as possible, many production companies use automated conveyor systems. A prerequisite for the automatic applications on the various vehicles to be able to perform their service safely and reliably is an uninterrupted data transfer to the central control system.

With the POWERCOM 485, VAHLE has a tried-and-tested system for data communication via conductor system and contact lines in its product range. Its modem has an RS485 interface that is specially designed for the PROFIBUS field bus according to IEC 61158.

The POWERCOM 485 ensures interference-free communication with a maximum of 64 nodes per segment at system lengths of up to five kilometers. It is compatible with almost all common VAHLE conductor systems and is also convincing due to its simple installation.

In combination with the products from the positioning sector (vPOS), it is available on the market as a system solution consisting of power, data and position.

Your Vision - Our Solution


  • Reliable data communication
  • High compatibility with VAHLE conductor rail systems
  • System lengths up to 5 km
  • Up to 64 participants per segment
  • Compatible with PROFIBUS
  • Simple installation and commissioning (plug and play)


Technical data - Electrical
Operating voltage 230 / 115 V
Current consumption 80 / 180 mA
Transmission speed 9.6 / 19.2 kBit/s
Protection class IP20
Technical data - Mechanical
Max. Travel speed depending on conductor rail system
Max. Suspension distance depending on conductor rail system
Technical data - System
Transmission medium VAHLE conductor rails
Protocols PROFIBUS
System variants Standard
Max. system length 5.000 m
Operating conditions
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Application Indoor systems




  • Plant project planning and consulting
  • Installation planning
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance, repair and inspections
  • Modernization of existing plants (retrofit)
  • Direct repair service by VAHLE
  • Multi-level training possibilities