Parking garages

Robot-based parking systems offer many advantages: they are space-saving, fast and efficient. VAHLE battery charging contacts provide the energy supply for these automatic parking assistants.

Energy supply for automated parking robots

Parking garages are typically narrow, which often leads to tight turns and can increase the risk of accidents. This is evidenced by the numerous scuffs and scratches on the walls of practically every parking garage.

Parking robots are increasingly providing a remedy. Drivers only have to maneuver their cars into the drop-off station. The automatic helpers take care of safe, accident-free parking and unparking without the need for human intervention. Automated parking systems can also be built underground and offer space-saving benefits.

Charging contacts are often used to to supply energy to parking robots efficiently, allowing these driverless systems to charge between actions. VAHLE offers a wide range of different charging contacts.

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