Shuttle charging system

Shuttle warehouses promise high throughput rates and short access times. Their adaptable and efficient vehicles can transport a wide variety of loads and handle a high number of storage and retrieval operations in a short time. In terms of energy supply, leading manufacturers are increasingly relying on point charging in view of ever more powerful battery storage systems (ultracaps).

VAHLE has developed the shuttle charging system, which is unique on the market to date, especially for this application.Variable lengths and charging positions are made possible due to its modular design. Since the charging contacts are hardly larger than a matchbox, the ultra-compact SLS can be integrated into the shuttle rail in a space-saving manner.

The shuttle charging system ensures high energy outputs and enables particularly fast charging. The charging positions can be driven on both sides and installed both inside and at the end of an aisle. In order to be able to supply the shuttles with energy while they are in motion, the contact area can optionally be extended to several meters long charging sections. Wear-resistant overrun elements ensure a long service life.

Your Vision - Our Solution


  • Modular construction system enables individual adaptation and free scalability
  • High charging currents of up to 140 amps and max. 48 volts
  • Maximum efficiency due to short charging cycles and high ramp-up speeds
  • Simple installation (plug and play)
  • Concealed implementation in drive profiles due to ultra-compact dimensions
  • Low maintenance due to long service life of the carbon brushes


Technical data
Power supply (2-pole) 48 VDC
Charging current 100 A (140 A peak)
Duty cycle 100 % (50 %)
Max. driving speed 4 m/s
Operating conditions
Operating temperature -30°C to +55 °C
Application Indoor systems




  • Plant project planning and consulting
  • Installation planning
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance, repair and inspections
  • Modernization of existing plants (retrofit)
  • Multi-level training options