Our company history

On the move and full of energy since 1912

  1. Drivers of the industrial revolution

    In 1912, Paul Vahle, then employed at Dortmund-based Eisen- und Stahlwerk Hoesch AG, develops the world's first copper conductor rail. He registers his invention, which also contributed to the industrial revolution, as a patent and founds his own company on April 9.

  2. 1926

    Factory halls

    After the death of Paul Vahle in 1926, his wife Helene took over the business. Under her management, the factory halls in Dortmund-Brackel are rented. Six years later, she hands over the company to her son Paul Werner Vahle.

  3. Prisoner of war

    During the Second World War, Paul Werner Vahle was drafted into military service and was taken prisoner in 1945. Until his return four years after the end of the war, his wife Maria runs the business.

  4. 1950

    Economic upswing

    In the newly founded Federal Republic, the signs then point to a new beginning. In 1950, VAHLE already recorded a turnover of 1.2 million Deutschmarks.

  5. New home in Kamen

    The economic miracle pays off: In 1956, VAHLE acquires the property on Westicker Straße in Kamen. By the end of the decade, both the production and the administration as well as the nearly 150 employees have moved.

  6. 1960

    Company growth

    VAHLE expands in the 1960s. This is also due to Josef Hötte, who joins the company in 1966 and will decisively shape Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG in the following 40 years as co-partner and managing director.

  7. One million meters of conductor rails

    The 1970s are characterized by product expansions. Among others, the light metal rail or the conductor rail U10 are developed. In addition, VAHLE equips the Transrapid and produces the millionth meter of plastic conductor rail.

  8. 1998

    Inductive power transmission

    In 1998, VAHLE develops the CPS system for Contactless Power Supply for inductive power transmission. At the turn of the millennium, the company with more than 400 employees has a turnover of around 52 million Deutschmarks.

  9. 100 years

    VAHLE celebrates 100 years of innovation in 2012.

  10. 2013

    Change in the management

    In 2013 Achim Dries takes over the management.

  11. Large projects

    As a systems supplier, VAHLE is increasingly realizing major projects. In 2015, Port Felixstowe, the busiest container port in the UK, is electrified and automated, followed in 2018 by the AIN Dubai, the largest and tallest Ferris wheel in the world.

  12. 2021

    Investments in the Kamen site

    Logistics and production at the Kamen site is optimized by a fully automated small parts warehouse and a honeycomb warehouse. In 2021, robotic manufacturing goes into operation in Production U.

  13. Innovation Center

    In May 2021, VAHLE Automation GmbH, which emerged from the VAHLE DETO joint venture founded in Kufstein (Austria) in 2013, becomes a full part of the VAHLE Group.