Insulated conductor systems U15 | U25 | U35

In all industrial sectors, mobile applications need energy. Depending on the environment and power range, crane systems and port technology, conveyor belts and Ferris wheels, elevators or rolling gates place completely different demands on the systems.

VAHLE's lightweight insulated conductor systems U15, U25 and U35, designed for indoor and outdoor applications, are easy to maintain due to their single installation."With options for various conductor materials, they are also particularly flexible and can be installed suspended, laterally, vertically and even on curved tracks.

In combination with the VAHLE Multi Carrier (VMT) or the VAHLE Support Profile (VTP), the suspension distances as well as the application area of the U15 and U25 can be extended. n addition, various positioning systems can be integrated, allowing us to meet individualized customer requirements.

The U35 conductor system with aluminum/stainless steel conductor is used for the electrification of RTG, RMG and STS cranes in saline environments, especially maritime port facilities. This cost-effective alternative to copper conductor systems has proven its high wear resistance and durability in this harsh environment worldwide.

VAHLE offers a wide range of conductor systems to meet the needs of various applications. Our touch-protected systems, designed in accordance with DIN VDE 0100, can be assembled with any number of poles.

To prevent icing, the insulated conductor systems can be heated. But even under extreme heat, they ensure reliable power transmission. This is because the systems are also available as heat-resistant versions. U25 and U35 are even available as high-temperature versions, suitable for use in environments with humid, salty air.

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VMT - Optimized support structure for the U15 and U25

The VAHLE Multi Carrier (VMT) is the optimum support structure when it comes to the fast and cost-effective assembly and modification of our conductor systems. In addition to accommodating the various conductor systems, positioning systems can of course also be integrated.

  • Suspension distance up to 3.5 m possible
  • Quick and easy assembly due to plug-in and clamping technology
  • Universal suspension for all common upright profiles
  • Mechanical protection of the conductor system
  • Integration of optical positioning systems

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  • Great variety due to different conductor materials
  • Customizing for individual applications
  • High safety due to IP23 contact protection
  • UL approval for the North American market
  • Suitable for operating temperatures from -30°C to +130°C
  • Heatable to prevent icing up
  • Universal for hanging, side and vertical arrangement
  • Can be combined with data and positioning systems






Technical data - Electrical
Rated current 10-100 A 200-450 A 500-1250 A
Conductor cross-section 10-25 mm2 50-125 mm2 200- 600 mm2
Rated voltage AC 1000 V 1000 V 1000 V
Number of poles unlimited unlimited unlimited
Conductor material Copper or stainless steel Copper, aluminum-stainless steel or steel copper or aluminum-stainless steel
Protection class IP 23 IP 23 IP 23
Technical data - Mechanical
Max. travel speed 450 m/min 600 m/min 600 m/min
Phase distance 18 mm 50 mm 90 mm
Max. suspension distance 1 m 1,5 m 2,5 m
Technical data - System
Max. system length without expansion section 100 m 150 m 250 m
Standard length of conductor rail 6 m 6 m 6,25 m
Operating conditions
Operating temperature -30°C to +85°C -30°C to +130°C -30°C to +130°C
Flammability (insulating housing) flame retardant, self-extinguishing, UL 94 V0 flame retardant, self-extinguishing, UL 94 V0 flame retardant, self-extinguishing, UL 94 V0
Use Indoor and outdoor installations Indoor and outdoor installations Indoor and outdoor installations




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