Skillet lines

Skillet systems are used primarily in the automotive industry. In order for the mobile lifting tables to fulfill their function, they must be supplied with power and controlled with positional accuracy. VAHLE offers various solutions for this.

Low maintenance systems for skillet lines

Skillet systems consist of mobile working platforms arranged in a row. They are mainly used in the automotive industry where heavy loads are transported. Thanks to variable working heights, they ensure flexible assembly. For this purpose, the skillets each have a lifting table which must be supplied with power.

In order to be integrated into different production lines and enable smooth workflows, the skillets also require positioning with millimeter precision. The prerequisite for this is uninterrupted data streams. In addition, the shear skids have to meet a wide variety of performance requirements due to the diversity of models.

VAHLE offers flexible system solutions for power and data transmission, positioning and control. Our robust products are particularly low-maintenance and guarantee high availability.

Your Vision - Our Solution

VAHLE advantage

Your VAHLE advantage

  • Small installation spaces within highly individualizable production lines
  • Different performance requirements due to high vehicle variance
  • Safe positioning and data transmission for personal and plant safety.
  • Low maintenance systems

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