Electric monorail systems (EMS)

Electric monorail systems are a proven means of conveying across all industries to bridge large distances. VAHLE is an expert in power supply and data transmission for EMS systems.

Flexible power supply for mobile transport robots

Electric monorail systems are still at the heart of many production lines. They are used whenever large quantities of goods need to be transported quickly from one staging area to the next without affecting the working and moving areas on the floor. Thanks to their high flexibility and adaptability of the hangers, EMS plants offer a highly variable range of applications.

For smooth operation and individual control, the rail-bound vehicles must be continuously supplied with power and data signals. This requires reliable and robust solutions that are individually matched to each other and ensure the highest possible availability.

VAHLE has many years of experience in power and data transmission for electric monorail systems. Through the intelligent combination of power supply, positioning and control, we offer you process-reliable complete solutions from a single source.

Your Vision - Our Solution

VAHLE advantage

Your VAHLE advantage

  • No additional superstructures on the EMS profile
  • All components for electrification, data transmission, positioning and control are adapted to your system.
  • Simple and fast assembly of the components
  • Guarantee of high safety standards
  • Flexible adaptation during installation

VAHLE – Your system supplier for intelligent energy and data transmission