Increasing production rates, high throughput volumes and customer demands for short delivery times require modern conveyor technology. In response, many manufacturing plants and logistics centers are turning to the fully or partially automated flow of goods and materials.

Customized systems for intralogistics applications

The growth of online retailing is having a direct and lasting impact on intralogistics. High customer expectations for fast, reliable and cost-effective e-commerce fulfillment can no longer be met with manual processes. In addition, there is less and less installation space available for materials handling technology.

Automation on factory floors also holds the potential to make material flows more efficient, connect people and machines, and speed up the production process. These challenges require powerful cutting-edge technology and special expertise.

The VAHLE Group develops smart solutions that meet the requirements of digital transformation. In doing so, we rely on an intelligent combination of electrification, data communication, and positioning and control systems to optimize intralogistics processes in industrial manufacturing and shipping centers.

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Intralogistics Applications

VAHLE Electric Monorail System (EMS) Icon

Electric monorail systems (EMS)

Process-safe system solutions for high-frequency EMS systems

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VAHLE electric pallet system

Electric pallet systems

Integrated system solutions for ground-based electric pallet systems

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VAHLE Skillet Icon

Skillet Lines

Energy supply for mobile work platforms

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Automated guided vehicles at Wincor Nixdorf

CPS® 20kHz

Paderborn, Germany

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VAHLE Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Wincor Nixdorf from Automotive and Intralogistics

Automated guided vehicles at Kaeser Kompressoren

CPS® 20kHz

Coburg, Germany

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VAHLE Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Kaeser from Automotive and Intralogistics

Stacker crane at IKEA


Dortmund, Germany

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VAHLE storage and retrieval machine (SRM) Ikea from Intralogistics

Shuttle warehouse at VipShop


Huzhou, China

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VAHLE Shuttle Blue Sword

Shuttle warehouse at EDEKA


Rheinstetten, Germany

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VAHLE Shuttle Vanderlande EDEKA

Stacker crane at Kühlhaus Neuhof AG


Gossau, Switzerland

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VAHLE stacker crane in the deep-freeze warehouse Kühlhaus Neuhof AG

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