Port Technology

Reliable systems for energy and data transmission are needed in every corner of modern ports. Whether STS, RTG or RMG cranes, VAHLE supplies solutions that help increase efficiency, safety and reduce emissions.

Revolutionary solutions for modern ports

As energy costs continue to rise, and environmental protection and the reduction of CO2 emissions are increasingly important, many operators are focusing on the conversion of standard ports into "Green Ports."

Modern port operations are characterized by high productivity rates and permanent plant availability due to optimally coordinated work processes. Accordingly, automation and the conversion of old facilities into "Green Ports" are advancing by leaps and bounds.

"Green Ports" offer unique cost-saving benefits through time savings and efficiency, offering a unique competitive edge in the market.

Ports are highly complex technical systems. This require flexible, smart and reliable systems for energy and data transmission, positioning and control at various points. Autonomous vehicles or remote-controlled eRTG cranes are just two examples.

VAHLE provides innovative system solutions that meet the requirements of electrified ports. In addition to technical solutions, our customers also receive support from us in the conceptual design and construction of their port technology.

We also offer after-sales services such as product training, routine maintenance or inspections.

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Port Technology Applications

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eRTG Cranes

Power and data transmission for rubber-tired gantry cranes

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STS Cranes

Power and data transmission for container gantry cranes

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STS cranes at Eurogate

Cable carrier WA 155 | WA 145

Bremerhaven, Germany

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VAHLE Eurogate cable carrier

STS cranes at Maersk

Cable carrier WA 155 | WA 145

Rotterdam, Netherlands

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VAHLE Cable carrier Maersk

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