Cable Liner

Gondola lifts are ideally suited for rail-based, ground-level passenger transport over short distances. VAHLE has high-performance solutions for the drive and power supply in its portfolio.

Power supply for cabled people mover

Most people know cable cars from hiking or skiing. But cabled transportation systems also play an important role in less mountainous traffic. Whether in urban areas, at airports or exhibition centers, cable cars allow large numbers of people to be transported reliably and in an environmentally friendly manner over short distances.

A popular example of this type of vehicle is the cable liner from Doppelmayr, world market leader in cable car construction whose vehicles can be found in Venice and Las Vegas. It has fixed-clamp vehicles that commute between the end stations with optional stops.

Our conductor rail systems enable cable liner and similar businesses to ensure a continuous and reliable energy supply in these automatically operated vehicles.

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VAHLE Challenges


  • Rugged and diverse terrain
  • Highest reliability and long service life
  • Energy and data transmission in one system

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