Robust systems for uninterrupted data communication

Secure and interference-free data transmission is a fundamental prerequisite for communication between man and machine. An equally reliable and simple solution for data exchange between control and automation devices is the use of energy-carrying conductor rail systems.

The more complex the processes, the more control signals and diagnostic information are generated. Today, the data volumes are often so large that the transmission rates of busbars are no longer sufficient.

Instead, shielded slotted waveguides are used as the transmission medium, which allow higher speeds and at the same time reliably protect the data stream against environmental influences.

The right solution for every communication method: Our flexible vCOM products ensure secure and interference-free data transmission at all times.

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Shielded data communication

Interference-free and safe at all times

A reliable data connection is essential for safe plant operation. Especially when emergency stop signals also have to be transmitted. Our vCOM solutions are designed precisely for this and ensure one hundred percent availability.