Ferris wheel

Ferris wheels are an indispensable part of fun fairs and amusement parks. The large wheels also have their place in the skylines of many large cities. VAHLE systems guarantee a powerful and safe energy supply.

Reliable energy supply for large wheels

Ferris wheels have fascinated people for centuries. The original "Ferris Wheel," named after inventor George Washington Gale Ferris, was installed in 1893 on the occasion of the World's Fair in Chicago. The organizers wanted to compete with the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

To this day, Ferris wheels stand for technical progress and attract attention wherever they are. In some places, they even serve as landmarks. Recently, the attractions have reached heights that were unimaginable when first created. In order to fulfill their function and to shine spectacularly, especially at night, they require a reliable and weather-resistant power supply.

VAHLE is the expert for power supply and data communication in the extremely complex Ferris wheel system. With the AIN Dubai, the Singapore Flyer or The Wheel at Icon Park (formerly Orlando Eye), some of the world's largest examples rotate with the help of our technology. In addition to individual components, we always offer our customers complete solutions. In doing so, we attach great importance to the safety of the rides and the smooth functioning of all systems.

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VAHLE Challenges


  • Dynamic loads on stationary systems
  • Complex expansion concepts
  • Safety during storms and lightning strikes

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