Crane Technology

Cranes are designed to optimize transport processes. A prerequisite for this is reliable and powerful power and data transmission as well as positioning. VAHLE offers solutions tailored to the respective applications.

Individual components for Crane Technology

From moving tool spindles weighing several hundred kilograms or modules of prefabricated houses weighing several tons under constant or changing weather conditions – cranes have to deliver top performance under various conditions. This requires energy, positioning and data transmission systems that are optimally geared to the intended use.

The aim is always to reliably transport heavy loads to their destination. The technical equipment required for cranes varies from industry to industry. In the construction industry, other standards apply than in steel production or vehicle or machine construction.

VAHLE has been serving customers from diverse industries for years. Based on the exact needs of our customers, we supply suitable system solutions for crane technology. In addition to standard products, we also supply custom-made products to make every crane an efficient tool.

However, we do not only offer technical solutions, but also support our customers in the conceptual design and construction of cranes. We also offer numerous after-sales services, including product training, routine maintenance or inspections.

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Crane Technology Applications

VAHLE Standard Crane Icon

Standard cranes

Energy supply for standard cranes

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VAHLE heavy-duty crane Icon

Heavy-duty cranes

Energy supply for heavy-duty lifting

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VAHLE Process Crane Icon

Process cranes

Individual solutions for process cranes

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VAHLE gantry crane Icon

Gantry cranes

Energy supply for gantry cranes

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Bucket conveyor systems

Energy supply for automatic concrete transport

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Overhead crane at thyssenkrupp steel mill

Open conductor system F45/600

Duisburg, Germany

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VAHLE heavy duty crane thyssenkrupp VAHLE heavy-duty crane thyssenkrupp in operation from below VAHLE heavy duty crane thyssenkrupp crane operator

Process crane at Becker Stahl-Service

APOS magnetic in a KBH profile

Bönen, Germany

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VAHLE Process Crane Becker Steel VAHLE Process Crane Becker Steel VAHLE Process Crane Becker Steel

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