Electric monorail systems, automated guided vehicles and skillet systems ensure flexible production processes in automotive plants. Innovative solutions for energy and data transmission, positioning and control from VAHLE prevent downtimes.

Solutions for flexibility in the automotive industry

Due to increasingly varied expectations of vehicles, the automotive industry is relying more and more on the production of customized models. This means that production facilities must be particularly adaptable and flexible to meet the intralogistics industry needs.

At the same time, the assembly and transport systems must be ergonomic and resource-efficient to allow customers or business partners to be connected to the process. The demands on solutions for energy and data transmission are correspondingly high.

As a pioneer in this field, VAHLE's innovative system solutions combine energy and data transmission, positioning and control systems. Our efficient solutions are designed to improve the flow of goods and materials, reduce unplanned downtime, optimize workflows and reduce production costs.

We also support automotive manufacturers in the design, construction and installation of their material handling systems, as well as offering after-sales services such as product training, routine maintenance or inspections.

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Automotive Applications

VAHLE Electric Monorail System (EMS) Icon

Electric monorail systems (EMS)

Process-safe system solutions for high-frequency EMS systems

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VAHLE electric pallet system

Electric pallet systems

Integrated system solutions for ground-based electric pallet systems

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VAHLE Skillet Icon

Skillet Lines

Energy supply for mobile work platforms

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Automated guided vehicles at Wincor Nixdorf

CPS® 20kHz

Paderborn, Germany

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VAHLE Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Wincor Nixdorf from Automotive and Intralogistics

Automated guided vehicles at Kaeser Kompressoren

CPS® 20kHz

Coburg, Germany

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VAHLE Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Kaeser from Automotive and Intralogistics

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