Roller coasters, boat swings and themed rides. The list of ride styles is long and innovative. Plus, new, spectacular attractions are added every year. Yet, whatever the style, VAHLE's expansive portfolio has the right solution for all types of amusement rides.

Flexible system solutions for all types of rides

The competitive amusement park industry is developing ever more sophisticated rides to satisfy passengers' growing appetite for experience. For example, while the cars in ghost trains used to be steered mechanically, today's generation of rides mostly use transport systems with inductive track guidance.

In order to safely control the autonomous movers and offer visitors an impressive and sometimes interactive ride experience, high-performance components are required for energy supply, data transmission and positioning. Industry leaders such as Universal and Disney have relied on solutions from VAHLE in these respects for many years.

Our product portfolio ensures both a reliable power supply and permanent real-time transmission for communication and position data. Thanks to our immense wealth of experience and exceptional know-how, we are able to offer the right solution for a wide range of requirements. In this way, we lay the foundation for maximum security with the greatest possible flexibility at the same time.

Your Vision - Our Solution

VAHLE Challenges


  • High speeds
  • Complex track layouts possible without any problems
  • Maximum reliability and long service life
  • Customizing for individual applications

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