Standard cranes

In many manufacturing and assembly processes, heavy loads have to be moved and lifted. Cranes are usually used for this purpose. VAHLE supplies suitable solutions for power supply and positioning of crane systems.

Powerful energy and data transmission for standard cranes

Cranes are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors. Depending on the application and environment, the hoists have to meet a wide variety of requirements. However, all cranes have one thing in common: their horizontal and vertical motion sequences.

In many working areas, where the loads, speed and necessary span are within certain limits, standard designs can be used. The systems can be installed quickly and easily, thus ensuring particularly economical operation.

Depending on the design, we offer you the optimum solution for power supply, data communication and positioning of the crane, trolley, hoist and other consumers such as magnets, grippers and the like. For this purpose, VAHLE offers you a wide range of different products such as conductor rails, conductor rails or cable trolleys.

Your Vision - Our Solution

VAHLE advantage

Your VAHLE advantage

  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Low maintenance and low wear
  • Complex travel paths can be realized without problems
  • Compact design allows integration in almost any system
  • Highest safety due to contact-protected housing

VAHLE – Your system supplier for intelligent energy and data transmission