Open conductor system

With the invention of the first copper conductor system, Paul Vahle laid the foundation for our success story, which has now spanned more than 100 years. To this day, our light metal or solid copper conductor systems are used wherever moving industrial applications need to be supplied with power in particularly harsh environments.

VAHLE open conductor systems consist of a T-shaped steel base covered with a copper profile. The resulting high mechanical strength ensures safe and reliable contact with the current collector. We also offer a light weight metal option. For high currents and especially in humid environments, we recommend the use of our proven solid copper rails.

Our versatile open conductor systems can be adapted to meet your specific track layout, including suspended and curve tracks. The conductor systems withstand even the harshest conditions such as frost or extreme heat. Since the copper components hardly show any wear, these systems are particularly durable and economical.

Despite their light weight, our open conductor systems are characterized by optimum conductivity, high load-bearing capacity and incomparable robustness. Whether in the heat of iron and steel mills, the humidity of shipyards and harbors, or the dusty environment of coking plants and cement works, our products keep things moving where other systems reach their limits.

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  • Optimal solution for high currents up to 2,360 amps
  • High flexibility due to different conductor materials
  • Robust design for particularly adverse environments
  • Durable and low-maintenance system
  • Customizable for individual requirements
  • Suitable for operating temperatures from -40°C to +200°C


Technical data - Electrical
Rated current 220-2360 A
Conductor cross section 36-1200 mm2
Rated voltage AC 1000 (6000) V
Number of poles unlimited
Conductor material steel-copper, aluminum-copper or copper
Technical data - Mechanical
Max. travel speed 250 m/min
Phase distance 150 mm
Max. Suspension distance 2,5 m
Technical data - System
Max. system length without expansion section 100 m
Standard length of conductor rail 7 m
Operating conditions
Operating temperature -40°C to +200°C
Application Indoor and outdoor installations, medium voltage installations




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