Enclosed conductor system LSV | LSVG

Crane systems and transfer cars have to perform reliably even in harsh and adverse environments. Salty sea air or hot temperatures stress the applications far beyond normal levels. Under such conditions, the demands on the systems for power and signal transmission are particularly high.

The VAHLE LSV | LSVG enclosed conductor system meets these requirements. The contact-protected system has a lightweight but sturdy aluminum housing. Its copper sections are mounted on insulators and allow different loadings between 60 and 300 amperes. Ball-bearing current collectors compensate for even large tolerances. Moreover, an optional heating function prevents the formation of frost.

The robust LSV | LSVG enclosed conductor system is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It can be installed both in deep-freeze areas and in environments with extremely high temperatures. Thanks to a maximum assignment of up to 11 poles, various control functions can be implemented. The torsion-resistant light metal jacket allows large suspension distances of up to 3 m even without a substructure.

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  • Combination of power and signal transmission
  • Most robust enclosed conductor system on the market
  • High reserves for clearances and creepage distances
  • IP23 contact protected (with sealing lip IP24)
  • Quick and easy installation due to plug and screw connections
  • Optionally available in halogen-free version
  • CE approval


Technical data - Electrical
Rated current 60-300 A
Conductor cross section 16-70 mm2
Rated voltage with protective conductor 690 V
Number of poles 4-11
Conductor material Copper
Protection class IP23 (IP 24 with sealing lip)
Technical data - Mechanical
Max. travel speed 300 m/min
Max. Suspension distance 3 m
Technical data - System
Max. system length without expansion section 160 m
Standard conductor line length 4 m
Operating conditions
Operating temperature -40°C to +120°C
Application Indoor and outdoor




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