Freefall towers

Freefall towers are among the most spectacular attractions the amusement park industry has to offer. VAHLE offers power supply and positioning systems that are as proven as they are reliable – for safe, controlled thrills.

Reliable solutions for controlled thrills

Fascination and madness are rarely as close as in the freefall tower. One moment passengers are enjoying the view; moments later they are shooting toward the ground in freefall. And if that's not enough: for the absolute adrenaline kick, there are rides that tilt their seats forward by up to 90 degrees before disengaging.

To be able to safely control and reliably steer this thrill ride, the technology must be able to withstand the highest mechanical loads. After all, during the free fall, forces can act that are three times as high as the acceleration due to gravity. Exposed to sun, wind and rain every day, the installed components must also be permanently weather-resistant.

In our broad product portfolio, you will find highly available solutions for amusement rides of all kinds – from traditional power supply systems to intelligent automation components. With VAHLE technology, you ensure a safe and unforgettable ride experience.

Your Vision - Our Solution

VAHLE Challenges


  • High vibration
  • Vertical arrangement
  • Special assemblies

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