Modular controls VCSX

Electric monorail systems are suitable for a wide variety of transport tasks in production and logistics processes and are used across all industries. Complex conveyor systems are implemented by means of branching and merging elements (e.g. switches) as well as vertical transfer devices, lifting stations or hoists.

The VAHLE VCSX control series is ideally suited for use in these applications due to its modular and configurable construction kit concept, consisting of variously combinable options in housing sizes, power class combinations, data transmission types, encoder support and I/O connection, and can be easily adapted to the respective requirements.

VAHLE's many years of experience in the industries relevant to these applications have made it possible to define precisely fitting standard designs. This also allows short delivery times to be realized.

The modular design concept also allows simple retrofitting and thus the greatest possible compatibility with existing systems, especially complete modernization (system retrofit).

In conjunction with the safe VCS-SMG-SAFE drive control system, even complex, safety-related requirements can be solved quickly and easily. Data transmission with the stationary plant PLC is carried out via the PROFINET / PROFIsafe profile using slotted waveguides.

Status and operating information is shown on the integrated display. For setup operation and simple diagnostic tasks, the VCSX multi-axis controller has a specially developed infrared remote control. Combined with the modules for energy supply (vPOWER), positioning (vPOS) and data transmission (vCOM), the VCSX control system is also available as a system solution.

Your Vision - Our Solution


  • Standard versions for shorter delivery times
  • Power range from 0.75 to 7.5 kilowatts
  • Integrated functional safety
  • Infrared remote control for manual control
  • Integrated display for status indication
  • Large number of I/O interfaces
  • Data transmission via slotted waveguide
  • Can be combined with safe application control VCS-SMG-SAFE


Technical data - Electrical
Supply voltage 360 ... 440 VAC @50 Hz 432 ... 528 VAC @60 Hz
Auxiliary power supply 24 VDC, internally generated max. 5 A (current limited)
Technical data - Mechanical
Dimensions 550 x 225 x 405 mm
Protection class IP54
Housing sheet steel, powder coated
Technical data - System
Power classes single-axis system 1,5 kW / 7,5 kW
Power classes multi-axis system 1.5 kW / 0.75 kW / 1.5 kW (travel drive) 1.5 kW / 4 kW / 7.5 kW (application drive)
Supported safety functions STO, SLS, SPOS
Communication VAHLE slotted waveguide SMGM
Supported fieldbus protocols PROFINET / PROFIsafe
Operating conditions
Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C
Application Indoor systems




  • Plant project planning and consulting
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance, repair and inspection
  • Modernization of existing plants (retrofit)
  • Direct repair service by VAHLE
  • Multi-level training possibilities
  • EFZ planning
  • Fault diagnosis