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Airports, business parks and exhibition centers are hardly imaginable without people movers. They are also part of the cityscape of the future. However, they only improve traffic if they are safe and reliable. VAHLE's energy and automation systems contribute to this.

Innovative systems for people movers

Reducing congestion, accidents and emissions are three key goals of transportation planning. They can be achieved through the use of people movers: fully automated vehicles that transport people without pollutants or the stop-and-go typical of cars and buses. Accidents caused by human error are also greatly reduced..

People movers are not only used in enclosed areas such as airports, but form the basis of complex transportation systems. In Abu Dhabi, for example, they are the central means of transportation in a CO2-free city. To fully exploit this potential, reliable energy and data transmission systems are required.

VAHLE has been supplying solutions to manufacturers of people movers for decades and operates its own development site. This gives us the expertise and innovative strength to offer future-proof system solutions for people mover vehicles.

In addition to support through the entire process, from conceptual design to system completion, we provide you with numerous after-sales services such as product training, routine maintenance or inspections.

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People Mover Applications

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Energy supply for emission-free urban traffic

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Chairlift at Andermatt Sedrun Sport AG

U25 AE

Andermatt-Sedrun, Switzerland

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VAHLE Chairlift Bartholet Andermatt

Romeiro's pilgrim train from Bontur - Bondinhos Aéreos

U25 AE

Aparecida, Brazil

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VAHLE pilgrimage train Romeiro

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