Slotted Microwave Guide Mini (SMGM)

Digitization is increasingly shaping workflows and infrastructure in production halls and large handling centers. The Internet of Things (IoT), which allows machines to communicate autonomously and be operated remotely, opens up new possibilities. In modern production, steadily growing amounts of data are generated for control and diagnostics. While this data is often sent via conductor lines with low transmission rates for simple transport tasks of mobile applications, this communication method is no longer possible today for more complex applications due to the necessary data rates.

To make this possible, large volumes of data must be transmitted quickly and without interference. This applies even in free-radio environments where complex planning is required to make the most of limited free-radio frequencies.

The SMGM (Slotted Microwave Guide Mini) data communication system, which was specially developed for these applications and environments, enables the integration of absolutely interference-free data transmission. It is also specially designed to meet the increasing requirements of Industry 4.0. Communication takes place in a shielded aluminum profile, the so-called slotted microwave guide, so that no interference or any influence on other communication systems in the environment need to be taken into account. The plug and play solution can be easily integrated into all common EMS profiles and systems without extensive configurations and due to its compact design.

By combining it with the modules for energy supply (vPOWER), positioning (vPOS) and drive control (vDRIVE), it is available as a system solution. Also available is the SMG Service Tool, which allows users to analyze and, if necessary, adapt the system.

Your Vision - Our Solution


  • Secure and reliable data communication
  • High transmission rates
  • Very compact design
  • Can be integrated into all common EMS profiles
  • Easy installation and commissioning (plug and play)
  • Coexistence with existing free radio systems
  • Compatible with PROFINET and PROFIsafe
  • High compatibility with VAHLE cundoctor systems and control systems


Technical data - Electrical
Operating voltage 24 VDC
Current consumption 500 mA
Transmission speed 100 MBit/s
Protection class IP54
Technical data - Mechanical
Max. travel speed 180 m/min*
Max. suspension distance 1,5 m
Technical data - System
Transmission medium VAHLE slotted waveguide
Protocols PROFINET / PROFIsafe*
System variants Lite, Standard, Advanced
Segment length 80 m
Max. system length unlimited
Operating conditions
Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C
Application Indoor systems

*Other on request




  • Plant project planning and consulting
  • Installation planning
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance, repair and inspections
  • Modernization of existing plants (retrofit)
  • Direct repair service by VAHLE
  • Multi-level training possibilities
  • HF segment planning
    Creation of an individual segment plan and determination of the feed points
  • EFZ planning
    Support in the individual planning of mobile vehicles
  • Project support
    Planning, control and coordination of internal and external resources
  • Rail signal measurement
    Recording of the RF level curve (level strength) along the SMGM rail
  • Start-up support
    Joint commissioning of the system
  • Start-up/shift support
    Support of the customer in finding and solving problems
  • Network analysis
    Certification of the network structure, diagnosis of fault causes and recommendations for action
  • Provision of diagnostic software
    Readout and processing of individual system parameters