Amusement Rides

Today's amusement attractions impress with ever more fascinating designs. But they only offer unforgettable experiences if they are also safe and reliable. VAHLE offers highly available power and automation systems.

Powerful solutions for amusement rides

Higher, faster, more spectacular! Whether stationary rides or flying structures – the dimensions of today's amusement and theme parks were unimaginable until a few years ago. To provide trouble-free and safe rides, reliable power, positioning and data transmission systems are required.

On the technical side, the rising expectations of visitors bring particularly complex challenges. This is because the various components must interact seamlessly and there is no room for error.

VAHLE has many years of experience in the field of amusement rides and has various proven systems in its range. Our compact and touch-proof products are coordinated and provide repeatable conditions for roller coasters, Ferris wheels, dark rides or freefall towers.

In addition to support throughout the entire process from conceptual design to completion of the attractions, we offer a variety of after-sales services such as product training, routine maintenance and inspections.

Your Vision - Our Solution

Amusement Rides Applications

Ferris Wheel | Singapore Flyer

U35 | U25 | F35

Singapore, Singapore

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VAHLE Ferris Wheel Singapore Flyer

Roller coaster in amusement park Wunderland Kalkar


Kalkar, Germany

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VAHLE roller coaster Wunderland Kalkar from Amusement Rides

Duel GP ride in Motopia amusement park

Hoei Sangyo Co, Ltd.

Suzuka, Japan

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VAHLE Ride Hoei Duel GP

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