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Sustainability at the VAHLE Group

Quality management is a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. At VAHLE, however, we see it as more than that. We are committed to creating sustainability through the integration of economic activity, environmental protection and the long-term pursuit of our goal of achieving CO2 neutrality. We also attach great importance to social responsibility towards our society and its prosperity.

This commitment is reflected in our integrated management system (IMS). It not only defines clear guidelines for quality, the environment and energy, but also puts these values into practice. A particular focus is on occupational health and safety.

We not only look at ourselves, but also at our solutions in the areas of energy and data transmission, positioning, control and intelligent predictive maintenance tools, which ensure process reliability and the highest quality. They also act as drivers for sustainability and efficiency. These enable us and our customers to act in a resource-efficient manner and develop pioneering systems for mobile applications.

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What does sustainability mean for VAHLE?

For VAHLE, sustainability is much more than just a buzzword. We view sustainability as a two-dimensional concept that encompasses both our products and solutions as well as our corporate philosophy.


Enablers for sustainability

VAHLE is convinced that our solutions make a significant contribution to sustainability in various industries. Our products in the areas of energy and data transmission, positioning, control and intelligent predictive maintenance tools are designed to increase process reliability and efficiency. At the same time, we are pursuing the goal ofCO2 neutrality. Our solutions are enablers for sustainability

Whether for applications in ports, industrial production or intralogistics, our solutions help to reduce environmental impact and make processes more sustainable.

VAHLE social responsibility

Holistic corporate responsibility

We meet the highest quality standards in line with our quality management system. In addition, we attach great importance to occupational health and safety (HSE) to ensure that our employees and partners work in a safe environment.

VAHLE regards corporate responsibility as an integral part of everything we do. We strive not only to act in an environmentally friendly andCO2-neutral manner, but also to live our Code of Conduct on a daily basis. This means that we not only pay attention to certifications and quality, but also to how we can make our processes better and more efficient in order to act economically as well as ecologically and socially responsible.

VAHLE Sustainability

In summary, we see sustainability as both a challenge and an opportunity to positively shape the world in harmony with economic efficiency, environmental protection, social responsibility and the highest quality standards.

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