General Industry

VAHLE solutions are used in many specialty markets. From roof structures weighing tons to facade elevators, our systems move all mobile applications.

Smart solutions for a wide range of industries

As a result of advancing automation, mobile industrial applications that rely on a reliable power and data supply are being used in a wide range of areas.

Many stadiums, for example, are equipped with sliding roofs to protect athletes and the public from the weather or to easily transform the arena into an event hall. To ensure that the structures weighing tons can be opened and closed within a few minutes, efficient systems for positioning and control are required in addition to energy transmission.

VAHLE also supplies innovative concepts for implementing a wide variety of applications and handling processes in washing and waste incineration plants, parking garages, television studios or facade elevators. Thanks to the high level of engineering competence, it is easily possible to manufacture special solutions for individual customer requirements.

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General Industry Applications