CPS 20kHz

To increase their productivity, many companies are working to shorten their production cycles and increase their throughput rates. To realize this, manufacturing technology and conveyor systems must be fully available at all times. The energy supply system plays a key role in this.

Contactless forms of energy transmission are increasingly being used in mobile applications. Inductive systems, like VAHLE’s CPS20, are wear-free and low-maintenance. These benefits can help significantly reduce plant downtimes and operating costs.

With the CPS20, VAHLE has a established solution for inductive energy supply in its product range that has been tried and tested in practice for many years. In order to also reliably supply applications such as electric monorail systems, crane systems and heavy automated guided vehicles (AGVs), the system covers a higher power range compared to 140 kHz technology.

The voltage-limited CPS requires only minimal installation effort. In addition, the primary unit can be variably combined with a wide variety of pickups and controllers, making the system easily scalable. Thus, the CPS offers considerable price advantages especially where many mobile applications are required.

Your Vision - Our Solution


  • Low maintenance and wear-free system
  • High power of up to 40kW per regulator
  • Individual control cabinets and system layouts
  • Parallel connection of pickup and controller electronics
  • Scalable up to 90 kilowatts feed-in power per line
  • Protection functions against short circuit, overtemperature or undervoltage



F-Pickup PS08 with integrated controller

F-Pickup PS27.1 with integrated controller

F-Pickup F330 and controller RE330

U-Pickup PK31 and controller RE080

E-Pickup PUE4 and controller RE55

E-Pickup PU22 and controller RE22

Technical data - Electrical
Peak power 0,6/0,5 kW 1 kW 3,3 kW 0,8 kW 4 kW 22 kW
Nominal power 0,35 kW 0,6 kW 1,3 kW 0,26 kW 1,3 kW 10 kW
Output voltage 24/27 VDC 24/28.2/56.2 VDC 560 VDC 48 VDC 560 VDC 288/560 VDC
Primary current 72 A 72 A 124 A 72 A 72 A 124 A
Phase distance 80 mm 100 mm 100 mm 67 mm 84 mm 133 mm
Interfaces Digital IO Digital IO Digital IO USB Digital IO Digital IO
Technical data - Mechanical (controller)
Dimension - - 190 x 120 x 87,4 mm 304 x 220 x 94,5 mm 282 x 247 x 169 mm 328 x 660 x 290 mm
Weight - - 1 kg 3,7 kg 7,2 kg 31,5 kg
Protection class - - IP20 IP54 IP54 IP20
Technical data - Mechanical (pickup)
Dimension 310 x 210 x 133 mm 405 x 245 x 142 mm 415 x 255 x 66.5 mm 114 x 75 x 89.4 mm 260 x 230 x 110 mm 420 x 250 x 322 mm (xxx-120) 320 x 350 x 322 mm (xxx-220)
Weight 12.8 kg 16 kg 17 kg 1.6 kg 13,3 kg 32.3 kg
Protection class IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP65
Nominal air gap 20 mm 15 mm 15 mm 12,5 mm 5 mm 27 mm
Vertical tolerance -20 mm -15 mm ±5 mm ±3 mm ±4 mm +18 mm/-15 mm
Lateral tolerance ±15 mm ±30 mm ±20 mm +4/-12.5 mm ±7 mm ±5 mm
Operating conditions
Operating temperature 0°C to +30°C 0°C to +30°C 0°C to +40°C +5°C to +40°C 0°C to +30°C 0°C to +30°C
Use Indoor and outdoor installations Indoor and outdoor installations Indoor and outdoor installations Indoor and outdoor installations Indoor and outdoor facilities Indoor and outdoor facilities




  • Plant project planning and consulting
  • Installation planning
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance, repair and inspections
  • Modernization of existing plants (retrofit)
  • Multi-level training options