Large festoon systems

In concrete and steel plants, crane systems are often stretched to their limits. Container gantry cranes in large ports, whose trolleys alone weigh several times as much as a small car, are also subjected to extreme loads every day.

A reliable power supply is essential to ensure that the hoists can perform their tasks day in, day out. As a rule, festoon systems are used for this purpose.

Large festoon systems from VAHLE are manufactured individually for the respective requirement. The scalable systems can accommodate round or flat power and data cables.

The trolley and roller characteristics are always aligned with the carrier system available on site and the speeds travelled. This ensures safe and smooth system operation.

The large festoon systems can be supplied pre-assembled to reduce on-site installation work to a minimum. The use of high-quality materials also ensures high resistance – even to environmental influences such as salty or humid air. At the same time, this reduces the amount of maintenance required, which noticeably increases system availability.

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  • Solution proven over many years and worldwide
  • Power supply according to customer-specific requirements
  • Pre-assembled for plug and play installation
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations
  • Withstands harsh environments (waste, steel and coal industries, grain handling)
  • Tolerances of the carriers can be compensated
  • Accommodates flat as well as round cables, shielded cables also possible
  • Low maintenance


  W45 W55 W65 W75 W95 W125 W135 W145
Technical data
Max. load 50 kg 70 kg 300 kg 300 kg 350 kg 350 kg 400 kg 500 kg
Max. travel speed 120 m/min 120 m/min 160 m/min 160 m/min 160 m/min 160 m/min 240 m/min 240 m/min
Operating conditions
Operating temperature -30°C to +100°C -30°C to +100°C -30°C to +100°C -30°C to +100°C -30°C to +100°C -30°C to +100°C -30°C to +100°C -30°C to +100°C




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