Smart Collector

Predictive Maintenance powered by VAHLE

Unplanned system failures often have unpleasant consequences. If the automated conveyor systems in modern production lines come to a standstill, nothing works anymore. The result is often a loss of sales, which can skyrocket to unimaginable heights if troubleshooting is time-consuming and tedious.

To solve this problem, VAHLE has developed the Smart Collector. The world's first intelligent current collector uses special sensor technology to record its linear and rotary movements and passes this data on to the Main Unit, where it is evaluated. In this way, the entire conductor rail system is monitored during operation.

For this purpose, the current collector arms of the Smart Collector are equipped with neodymium magnets. By measuring their magnetic fields without contact, the sensors register even the smallest changes in the flow of movement caused by wear of the conductor system. This allows anomalies to be detected at an early stage, maintenance cycles to be optimally scheduled and thus the availability and productivity of the entire plant to be significantly increased.

The Smart Collector was specially developed for electric monorail systems (EMS) and stacker cranes (SRM), but can also be used in other types of plant. To this end, the smart system is compatible with various VAHLE conductor systems as well as data transmission and positioning solutions.

Your Vision - Our Solution

Current collector with sensors

3D sensors on the current collector arms record the movement data of the pantograph during operation. The function of the current collector is not influenced in any way. The data is transmitted to the Main Unit for analysis.

Main Unit

The measurement data is processed and evaluated in real time directly on the main unit. The flexible system has variable interfaces and is compatible with various positioning and data transmission systems.


If the main unit detects reproducible anomalies, a message is transmitted to our certified data center via the connected router. A permanent transmission or storage does not take place.


The analyzed measurement data is visualized by means of software and enables plant operators to perform ongoing condition monitoring as well as various service options, which can be accessed digitally using any terminal device.


  • Quick and easy implementation without structural changes (plug and play)
  • No intervention in the existing IT infrastructure
  • Detects lifting and deflection movements of the current collector arms
  • Positionally accurate determination of anomalies
  • Ongoing data analysis enables predictive maintenance
  • High compatibility with various VAHLE systems