Flexible systems for absolute positioning

In Industry 4.0, the bar is set high for positioning systems. To ensure smooth assembly and production processes, cranes, conveyors, bucket conveyor systems and co. must be positioned to the millimeter, even at high travel speeds.

With the optical variant, the code tape is glued on (steel construction/support profile). The magnetic code tape is drawn into support systems - matching the conductor rail or contact line. The reading head outputs the position value and other status information on the respective interface and can be read in via the control system.

Depending on the application, we use both optical and magnetic methods for this purpose.

Both variants enable absolute position determination without reference movement. This means that the systems supply correct position data immediately after switch-on or after voltage interruptions.

Whatever your requirements: With our vPOS products, we guarantee seamless and precise positioning in any environment.

Your Vision - Our Solution

Absolute positioning

Reliable on the spot

Our vPOS systems are compatible with many VAHLE products for energy supply, data transmission and control. Flexible read heads allow easy installation without complex configuration.