STS cranes

Ship-to-shore cranes make it possible to unload container ships particularly quickly. VAHLE solutions ensure efficient power transmission and flexible data communication between ship and shore.

Energy and control signals for container gantry cranes

Ship-to-shore cranes are among the most important technical equipment in the container terminal. They ensure fast handling times and smooth transfers to reach stackers, straddle carriers and AGVs. Nothing works without them. This makes it all the more important to ensure a reliable, safe and continuous supply of power and data to the STS cranes.

Container gantry cranes are predominantly equipped with cable trolleys. For the power supply,VAHLE offers a time-tested modular system that can carry various power and data lines individually according to customer requirements.

Alternatively, power and data rails are also used today for the automation of STS cranes. This makes the systems less susceptible to wind and weather, and also allows higher travel speeds. The modern technology ensures a reliable power supply and efficient communication, video and control signal transmission. In addition, the entire system can be controlled remotely via a control center.

As a long-standing expert in port technology, VAHLE supplies various components for the power supply, positioning and control of STS cranes.

Your Vision - Our Solution

VAHLE advantage

Your VAHLE advantage

  • Turnkey solution from a single source for the electrification and automation of your STS crane
  • Our festoon systems have been in use in the world's largest ports and cranes for decades, where they have proven their durability as well as their reliability
  • Motorized cable reels for crane spreader or gantry travel are also among VAHLE's long-standing products
  • Our system allows data rates of more than 400 Mbit/s and latency-free and cyber-safe transmission of HD cameras as well as safety PLC signals
  • Travel speeds of 600 m/min can be realized
  • The positioning allows working with millimeter accuracy, as it has been the standard in intralogistics for a long time

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