VAHLE service installation and commissioning

Installation and commissioning

We recommend that you have VAHLE products installed for your applications by our certified specialists. This is possible for all components at your site. It does not matter whether our systems are to be adapted in a new plant or retrofitted in your existing environment. Our qualified personnel has many years of experience in all areas of application.

With access to our large service team including external partners, we can handle diverse requirements such as weekend installations or time-limited releases. In doing so, we rely exclusively on well-trained internal and external specialists who are able to meet the diverse requirements of energy supply, communication, positioning and control technology. The installations are always completed with a product-dependent standard installation protocol.

The electrical connection in accordance with DGUV regulations is also carried out by a VAHLE electrician. Depending on the product, we carry out all mechanical inspections, any necessary level measurements and test runs. To simplify coordination, we also offer you the option of placing the overall responsibility for all requirements for the installation and commissioning of busbars and automation solutions in our hands as part of a certified final protocol.

Through our dense service network, we ensure smooth industrial installations and cost-optimized plant management – anytime, anywhere. Upon request, our qualified personnel is available to provide start-up support after completion of commissioning. Possible problems in the start-up phase can thus be solved at short notice.

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VAHLE service installation

Our services

  • Installation of all VAHLE components
  • Controlling and risk management
  • Subcontractor coordination
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Validation and final acceptance
  • Handover of the operational plant

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