Elevators are a frequently used means of transporting people and loads over different levels. With VAHLE solutions for energy supply and data communication, every lift safely reaches its destination.

Energy supply in the right elevator

Whether it's a residential building, an industrial hall, a hospital, a train station or an airport, as soon as a building has more than two floors, it's likely to feature at least one elevator. These are considered to be a particularly safe means of transport, but they have to meet a wide variety of requirements, depending on where they are used.

Usually equipped with only one cabin, but sometimes also as a double-decker design, they transport people and/or goods from the basement to the roof. The direction of travel is usually vertical, but inclined elevators can also transport their loads over horizontal sections. The elevators are usually driven by traction systems.

In electric elevator systems, however, the cabs only move if they have a reliable power supply. Due to their high frequency of use, the drive systems must be particularly reliable and safe. VAHLE has various products for energy supply and data communication in its range.

A particularly spectacular example is the MULTI from TK Elevator. The world's first cable-free elevator system is even able to rotate its linear motor and guide linkage 90 degrees to move horizontally. For the transmission of audio, video and control data, the world market leader relies on the SMGM system from VAHLE.

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VAHLE Challenges


  • Highest reliability
  • Compact design allows integration in almost any plant
  • Vertical arrangement

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