Electric pallet systems

For the internal transport of goods, many production companies rely on electric pallet systems, which are considered to be particularly economical. VAHLE supplies compact energy and data transmission systems for electric pallet systems.

Flexible power supply for mobile transport robots

When high throughputs are to be achieved in a limited area, floor-based electro pallet systems are often used. The fast conveyors promise high positional accuracy and can be adapted for various tasks. This makes them ideal for transporting simple palletized goods, but they can also be used as part of complex assembly processes.

The rail-bound vehicles from electric pallet systems enable heavy goods to be transported at high speeds. Combined with the right energy and data transmission technology, they help ensure the efficient flow of materials. 

VAHLE has a wide range of solutions in its product range that are specially adapted for electric pallet systems. Our space-saving and variable products ensure low installation costs and offer optimum space utilization rates as well as high handling capacities.

Your Vision - Our Solution

VAHLE advantage

Your VAHLE advantage

  • Flexible adaptation to the material flow
  • High positioning accuracy
  • High reliability due to proven, low-maintenance components
  • Integrated data transmission

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