Goods that are accessed frequently must be stored particularly efficiently. Due to their high operating speed, the use of automated shuttles is recommended in such cases. VAHLE is an expert in powering, positioning and controlling shuttle systems.

Multiple solutions for maximum throughput

The wave of digitization continues unabated. E-commerce is conquering more and more new areas, such as the food sector. This is accompanied by increasing demands on warehousing.

That is why automated shuttle systems are increasingly taking over the movement of goods. These rail-bound vehicles enable high throughput rates while keeping operating costs low. A prerequisite for their trouble-free operation is a reliable power supply.

Power can be supplied either selectively via charging contacts or permanently via conductor lines installed in the rails. Hybrid solutions with fast-charging battery storage units that are partially charged are also possible.

For many years, leading manufacturers have relied on flexible solutions from VAHLE. Whether power supply, data communication, positioning or control: Thanks to the modular design, our systems are the proverbial deus ex machina for many vehicle technologies and designs.

Your Vision - Our Solution

VAHLE Challenges


  • Increasing throughput rates require maximum performance
  • Increasing travel speeds require higher energy outputs
  • Increasing article variety reduces the available installation space
  • 24/7 availability does not allow long downtimes
  • Compatibility of energy supply and existing travel profiles

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