Heavy-duty cranes

Exceptionally high loads can only be moved safely and reliably with heavy-duty cranes. The high load capacity of these cranes requires maximum power outputs. VAHLE supplies the right solutions for this – both for power supply and for positioning.

Efficient power and data transmission for heavy-duty cranes

In some assembly and manufacturing processes, loads weighing several hundred tons have to be moved. As a rule, this can only be done with special heavy-duty cranes, which have a particularly robust design and powerful hoists.

It requires high energy to move the massive steel machinery quickly and reliably. In addition, the systems must ensure maximum availability, because without an operational crane, the entire plant often comes to a standstill.

VAHLE is the expert when it comes to crane technology and specializes in power supply for special designs. We have the right solution in our product range for every application and heavy-duty crane, from conductor rails to conductor rails and cable trolleys.

Your Vision - Our Solution

VAHLE advantage

Your VAHLE advantage

  • Defies aggressive ambient conditions, heavy pollution and high radiant heat
  • For high currents (medium voltage realizable)
  • Suitable for Ex zones

Overhead crane at thyssenkrupp steel mill

Open conductor system F45/600

Duisburg, Germany

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VAHLE heavy duty crane thyssenkrupp VAHLE heavy-duty crane thyssenkrupp in operation from below VAHLE heavy duty crane thyssenkrupp crane operator

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