E-mobility is also becoming increasingly important in logistics. For the smooth use of electrically driven forklifts, VAHLE has powerful solutions for both conductive and inductive energy supply in its range.

Efficient power supply for emission-free forklift traffic

Electrically driven forklifts are particularly energy-efficient and low-wear. They are used primarily in indoor areas where exhaust fumes and noise quickly become a problem. Because of their more compact design compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines, they are particularly well suited to winding warehouses and narrow aisles.

To match their diesel or gas-powered counterparts in terms of performance, they need powerful and fast-charging energy storage systems. However, short charging cycles and maximum availability can only be guaranteed if the energy supply components also meet the highest standards. The same applies to the also possible continuous contactless power supply.

VAHLE is the market leader in the inductive energy supply segment. In addition, we have a large standard range of classic charging contacts and also offer application-specific solutions that are individually tailored to your needs.

Your Vision - Our Solution

VAHLE Challenges


  • Increasing order volume requires maximum availability
  • Fast-charging storage technologies require more efficient charging processes
  • Lack of space requires compact sizes

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