High-performance energy transmission systems for all areas of application

Conductor systems (open and insulated), cable reels and charging contacts: We offer the right technology to supply mobile industrial applications of all kinds with energy safely and reliably.

The number of electrified vehicles and conveyor systems is growing as a result of technological progress and the advancing energy revolution. This not only reduces noise levels and CO2 emissions, but also forms the basis for automation processes - for example in large container terminals.

IInductive solutions are now being used in more and more areas. Contactless power supply makes driverless transport systems, conveyor systems, packaging machines and amusement rides more flexible, as well as increasing their productivity.

Whatever your requirements, our vPOWER products for energy transmission will offer a safe solution

Your Vision - Our Solution

Versatile energy transmission

The right solution for every system

Our wide range of open and insulated conductor systems offers the right solution for every requirement profile. The systems are variable in the number of poles, cover different power ranges and can be easily adapted to individual track layouts.

As their name promises, our compact conductor systems ensure reliable energy supply even in the smallest of spaces. They are specially designed for use in the intralogistics sector and are also suitable for highly dynamic applications.

Our enclosed conductor systems are sheathed with plastic or aluminum profiles. These can accommodate different copper cross-sections and thus supply different rated currents. In addition, poles for control signals can also be integrated.

Whether round or flat cables for power or data transmission: VAHLE festoon systems have always set standards. The use of high-quality materials makes them particularly durable. Thanks to the modular design, we can tailor the systems exactly to their needs.

We offer spring operated and motor powered cable reels for automatic rewinding of power and control cables and hoses for gas or liquid transport. The systems are corrosion-protected and available in many variants. They thus offer the right solutions for every application.

Our inductive solutions ensure wear-free power supply. Thanks to their high clock frequency, high system efficiencies are achieved despite the smallest sizes. In addition, the products are low-maintenance and hardly susceptible to contamination.

As a pioneer in the field, we offer a range of charging contacts that is second to none. Whether single or multi-pole pressure contacts, drive-on and drive-over solutions for different applications, in our development center we also realize special designs according to your wishes.