VAHLE Eurogate cable carrier

STS cranes at Eurogate

Bremerhaven, Germany

The VAHLE fact check

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Port Technology

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115 m (WA 155 & WA 145)

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Number of loops


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Loop depth

3,3 m

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max. 240 m/min


  • WA 155-1 R/460/360
  • WA 145-2 R/460/360

Product features

  • Variable cable configuration
    (round and flat on the cable due to patented clamping system)
  • Up to 1,000 kg load capacity / carrier
  • Suitable for aggressive environments
  • Fast response time due to modular product range

Customer benefits

  • Reliable operation & long life
  • Customized technical systems
  • Pre-assembly on request: higher accuracy, fast installation on site
  • Low wear: high quality rollers with different surface materials


  • End customer: Eurogate
  • Customer: Z.P.M.C.
  • Year: 2006