VAHLE pilgrimage train Romeiro

Romeiro's pilgrim train from Bontur - Bondinhos Aéreos

Aparecida, Brazil

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1,550 m (U25 AE)

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max. 100 m/min

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The electric pilgrim train travels in the pilgrim site of Aparecida in Brazil. Aparecida is visited by more than 8 million pilgrims every year. They venerate the patron saint of Brazil "Nossa Senhora de Aparecida." The town in the southeast of the state of São Paulo has been one of the largest pilgrimage centers in the world since the apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1717.

The train of the company Bontur transports pilgrims on a fifteen-minute ride along a route of 1.4 kilometers through the complex of Aparecida. The ride passes through 20 scenarios with a total of 128 skultures. Currently, an electric locomotive runs with 5 wagons. The deployment of a second train is planned for the end of 2019.


The train operation required an outdoor system that could withstand the harshest weather conditions and climate fluctuations.

Our solution

The U25 AE conductor system is popular for passenger transportation and amusement parks due to its durability and longevity. The customer benefits from a safe and particularly maintenance-friendly conductor rail system, which was developed for extreme environmental conditions.