VAHLE Ride Hoei Duel GP

Duel GP ride in Motopia amusement park

Suzuka, Japan

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2 x 407 m (U20)

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max. 38 km/h

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The race track in Suzuka is known worldwide from Formula 1. It belongs to Mobilityland Corporation - a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Right next to the race track is the amusement park "MOTOPIA". The amusement park operators wanted a new motorsport ride. It was to be the world's first controllable racing coaster. Here, the Japanese roller coaster and ride expert "Hoei Sangyo" asked VAHLE for support in the implementation.


Hoei Sangyo needed a system that could withstand the toughest external weather conditions, whether temperatures below freezing or temperatures as high as 40 degrees in summer with extreme humidity. Despite the toughest weather conditions - the new track had to be fast.

Our solution

Hoei Sangyo relied on the proven and reliable VAHLE system. The U20 insulated conductor system is known in the industry for its durability and long service life. This, in combination with special current collectors, is crucial for lowest maintenance costs and times.


  • End customer: Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
  • Customer: Motopia
  • Year: 2019