Product premiere - New high-performance conductor system 13.02.2020

VAHLE will present the newly developed VCL compact conductor system in March. (Photo: VAHLE)
VAHLE will present the newly developed VCL compact conductor system in March. (Photo: VAHLE)

Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG will present its newly developed compact conductor system VCL (VAHLE COMPACT LINE) in March. The solution was designed for shuttle systems, automated small parts warehouses (AS/RS) and storage and retrieval machines (SRM) as well as for compact transfer car applications in the small and medium performance range.

Kamen, February 13, 2020 - "The intralogistics industry demands increasingly dynamic warehouse solutions. We provide the basis for this with innovative products for safe signal and power supply such as our new compact conductor system VAHLE Compact Line - VCL for short ", says Rüdiger Jour, Product Manager at VAHLE. With its modular and compact design, the solution is specifically designed for use in shuttle systems, miniload and AS/RS applications, as well as transfer car applications in the small and medium power range.

"What sets it apart from other systems is its modularity, scalability and ease of installation," Jour emphasizes. According to the application, the VCL can be individually configured, making it a multifunctional continuous power supply solution. Available in 2- to 6-pole configurations, it meets power requirements ranging from 40 amps (galvanized steel conductor) to 100 amps (copper conductor) and voltages from 12 to 500 volts. In addition, the product is compatible with VAHLE's proven Multi-Carrier (VMT), extending it to provide a cost-effective and compact solution for warehouse applications with large suspension distances of up to 3.5 meters.



Thanks to its ultra-compact design, the system can be easily and uncomplicatedly installed even within a shuttle track. Low follow-up costs due to long-life current collectors are another plus for the operator. As with all VAHLE products, safety is the top priority with the VCL: IP2x contact protection (finger protection and protection against foreign bodies) and an optional PE protective conductor guarantee trouble-free and accident-free operation.

With its space-saving new development, VAHLE is also responding to the special needs in multi-channel logistics for online retail. Unlike in classic warehouses, the article variance here is very high, while the individual quantities per picking process are comparatively low. In order to take this into account, scalable small and midsize shuttle systems are increasingly being used in such cases, which provide only a small amount of installation space for the energy supply. These in turn require particularly compact energy supply systems.


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