New current collector Multi Collect 125 02.09.2019

Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG has launched the Multi Collect 125, a versatile current collector. (Photo: VAHLE)
Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG has launched the Multi Collect 125, a versatile current collector. (Photo: VAHLE)

VAHLE has developed a new current collector that can be installed in most crane systems of all suppliers worldwide: the Multi Collect 125. With this new development, the Kamen-based manufacturer of power and data transmission systems for mobile industrial applications reduces the complexity of the various types of current collectors to a minimum. In addition, the new standard solution is more efficient and less expensive than its predecessors.

Kamen, September 2, 2019 - "In just one solution, we significantly reduce costs and construction types with our new current collector," says Sergej Nickel, product manager at Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG. With the Multi Collect 125, the Kamen-based company has launched a versatile product that reliably supplies numerous crane systems with power and increases their efficiency. The system allows amperages of up to 125 amps and travel speeds of up to 600 meters per minute. "The result is extremely high efficiency," says Nickel. Effective immediately, the Multi Collect 125 will replace numerous current collectors in the KST, KSTL and KSTLU series. In addition, it is supplied as standard for all busbars of U15 and U25 crane systems.

Efficient solution is easy and cost-effective to install

As a standard solution, the Multi Collect 125 can be used variably and is compatible with numerous crane systems currently available. On the one hand, it is connected via single or double standard cables with all cable cross sections from 2.5 to 10 mm². On the other hand, the connection box can be removed, for example, if there is a lack of installation space. Therefore, no special connections are necessary to use the solution. In addition, the Multi Collect 125 features automatic centering for hopper entries and has a travel tolerance of up to 40 mm in all directions. Says Nickel, "The fact that the customer only needs one collector for different crane systems increases plant availability enormously."



System increases plant availability

Compared to its predecessors, the new product is up to 24 percent cheaper. "The Multi Collect 125 is easy to install, which results in fast and inexpensive assembly," explains Nickel. This is due to the automatic adjustment of the phase distance and the visual installation dimension control. Further savings result from the fact that it can be connected to different cable cross-sections, which eliminates the need for costly highly flexible connections.

Detailed information on the Multi Collect 125 can be found here: Product Flyer.


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