Apprenticeship as industrial mechanic (m/f/d)

Specialization maintenance

Are you handy, patient and have a good understanding of technical processes? Do you love to repair your bike and get broken things working again? Then an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic might be the right thing for you.

In our in-house training center you will find the ideal conditions to learn the basics of your profession. Here, together with other trainees, you will be familiarized with the basics of metal processing by the training team. Machining components by machine or by hand is no problem for you. Inspecting, maintaining, repairing and servicing machines and equipment will soon be one of your easiest tasks.

You will use the knowledge you have acquired primarily in maintenance. You will get to know the various production areas during the manufacture, installation, conversion and commissioning of production plants and technical systems. You will be supported by friendly colleagues whom you can always talk to.

If you are interested in this varied profession with us, you should above all have manual skills. A certain basic technical understanding is also helpful. Good grades in mathematics, German and physics are advantageous.

Industrial mechanics

  • coordinate their work with upstream and downstream areas and work as part of a team
  • set up workstations
  • organize and control production or manufacturing processes
  • communicate with internal and external customers as required
  • check and document maintenance and assembly work
  • manufacture components and assemblies and assemble them into technical systems
  • determine errors and their causes in technical systems and document them
  • repair technical systems
  • convert machines and systems
  • carry out maintenance and inspections
  • select test procedures and test equipment
  • hand over technical systems and products to customers and instruct them in the use of the equipment
  • ensure the operability of technical systems
  • check and expand electrotechnical components of control technology

With us, however, you will not only learn the practical side of the profession, we will also not leave you alone with the theory. We offer you individual support so that you can prepare as well as possible for your final exam. If you have any technical questions, your trainer will be happy to help you at any time.

Support services

With us, you will not only learn the practical side of the profession, but we will also not leave you alone with the theory. So that you can prepare as well as possible for the final exam, we offer you individual support. Your trainer will be happy to help you with any kind of technical questions.

Vocational school and duration of training

The training to become an industrial mechanic is a so-called dual training: You learn the theoretical basics at the Eduard-Spranger-Berufskolleg in Hamm, and the practical side at our company. The training lasts 3.5 years, but can be shortened if you perform well.


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