Straddle carrier

Versatile and adaptable, straddle carriers are used for a wide variety of tasks in container handling centers. VAHLE's charging contacts are the ideal energy supply for these powerful vehicles.

Flexible power supply for straddle carriers

Once a ship has been unloaded and all the containers are ashore, they have to be distributed. In many places, straddle carriers are used for this. These towering vehicles can replace cranes, take on transport tasks, and load trucks and trains. The key advantages of these vehicles are that they are particularly maneuverable and reach high speeds, which reduces throughput times.

Straddle carriers' performance has increased rapidly in recent years, with electric drive and automated modes becoming increasingly popular. This requires high energy output. However, to keep idle time as short as possible, the charging process must be extremely efficient.

VAHLE relies on charging contacts for the power supply of straddle carriers. In addition to a wide standard range, we also manufacture special designs according to individual specifications. In addition, the demand for permanent conductive and inductive energy supply is increasing. VAHLE already has answers for this future market.

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VAHLE advantages

Your VAHLE advantage

  • Fast-charging storage technologies require more efficient charging processes
  • High energy transfer
  • Compact sizes

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