Stadium roofs

Wind and weather can affect the game as well as the comfort of the spectators. That is why more stadiums are being equipped with mobile roof structures. In many cases, high-performance technology from VAHLE is used.

Stadium roof electrification

In the past, stadiums existed solely to host sporting events in front of large crowds of spectators. Today, they are no longer just competition venues, but ultra-modern, architecturally sophisticated multifunctional arenas.

Some stadiums are home to several teams from different sports. Competitions are held sometimes on parquet, sometimes on ice, sometimes on grass. And in between, the arenas serve as concert and event halls. To ensure that they can be used in all types of weather, more and more arenas around the world are equipped with sliding roofs.

Opening and closing these stadium roofs, which weigh several tons, within a few minutes requires high levels of energy. VAHLE ensures both a reliable power supply and the fail-safe transmission of the data required to safely control these roofs.

Your Vision - Our Solution

VAHLE advantage

Yout VAHLE advantage

  • High current ratings
  • Compact design allows integration in almost any plant
  • Energy and data transmission as well as positioning in one system

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