In many amusement parks, monorails invite visitors to take a tour with a view from above. They are also used as automatic shuttles at airports. VAHLE is the market leader for the power supply of monorail systems.

Reliable power supply for monorails

From Europa-Park in Rust and Legoland Billund, to Walt Disney World Resort Orlando or Seaworld in Brisbane, monorails are standard in many amusement parks. This automated means of transport is also often used at airports and large exhibitions such as the Expo or the German Federal Horticultural Show.

One advantage of monorails is that they can be installed quickly and easily. In addition, they are quiet, space-saving and offer their passengers a good overview of the site due to their elevated position. 

Monorails draw their energy from conductor rails, which can be installed in the support system to save space. VAHLE is an expert in this field and, thanks to its diverse portfolio, supplies the right solution for every application.

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VAHLE advantage


  • Highest reliability and long running performance
  • Suitable for most diverse environmental conditions
  • Energy and data transmission in one system

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