Facade accesses

Many high-rise buildings are equipped with permanently installed drive-in systems for facade cleaning. VAHLE conductor rails provide the necessary mobility for the electric motor systems.

Energy supply for flexible facade elevators

Glass facades create open, light-filled buildings, making them popular in modern architecture. To maintain their function, regular cleaning and maintenance work is required. In particular, high-rise buildings whose upper floors cannot be reached by lifting platforms are often equipped with permanently installed facade elevators for this purpose.

Many of these access systems are controlled by electric motors.

The working platform can be lowered to any side of the building via a rail system laid on the roof or a slewing crane. For this purpose, the facade elevators depend on a weather-resistant power supply.

VAHLE conductor rails offer a flexible solution for every application.

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VAHLE advanatage

Your VAHLE Advantage

  • Customizable design
  • Designed for use in extreme weather conditions
  • Compact design allows integration in almost any building
  • Ease of service and installation

Facade access for CoxGomyl


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